We have spent a lifetime with cameras in our hands and nearly a major-league career in seasons on the field.  We are parents…  We are avid photographers…   and yes, we are avid baseball fans.   We are 2 On 2 Out Designs; we are Tamara Russell and Elizabeth Townsend.

2 On 2 out Designs– Creativity + a good eye + a passion for excellence were the springboard for our original business – building banners for youth baseball teams.  We still enjoy that business today, but we didn’t stop there.  Now specializing primarily in action photography, we shoot live games for several sports with a focus on baseball (did we mention we are avid fans) and have grown to include individual and family portraits.

With five boys between us, we have a little experience with those hard to get shots on a field or the special moments we all record for posterity (and to share with our future daughters-in-law).  From landscapes and portraits to the incredible play that had you holding your breath, we know the good shots when we see them – and will so will you!

It’s been said if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.  We have been blessed with the opportunity time and time again to get to know our clients and their families while capturing magical moments, peals of laughter, and game-changing plays.


: From Double Plays to walking across the graduation stage, we’ll be by your side to preserve those timeless memories for you – and the generations to come.  There are life-altering moments in all of our lives.

Our Philosophy is simple.  We capture the extraordinary moments to provide you the simple joy of being present to see and remember the experience. To Create beautiful, original photographs while supporting Ponderosa and Legend High Schools and our Parker Community. We believe that photos preserve the story, both seen and unseen. Ultimately, a great photo preserves a moment in time forever.

Demonstrating that a solid grounding in technique for the digital environment that now exists in photography can be expressed many ways. The technique used in our signature, two-tone photographs offers a rich contrast of Black and White and hand-edited color expresses a one-of-a-kind artistic creation for any client.